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Patagonian Hotels, Remote Hotels, Hotels in Chile

Exterior Facade at Dusk

Designed by Architect Germán Del Sol from Chile, this unusual hotel looks amazing from the outside. Many of the materials to build the hotel had to arrive by boat due to the remote location. Panels of waterproof plywood with a polyurethane core were used to provide insulation from the wind, rain and snowfall. The ply wood was then coated by asphalt and covered with fine black gravel, which helps to protect from UV rays. The hotel construction was completed with the environment in mind, and an effort to reduce energy consumption.

Patagonian Hotels, Remote Hotels, Hotels in Chile


Del Sol wanted to conceal the luxury that awaits the traveler inside the hotel, “to lower the expectations, so its interior will appear unexpectedly in all its splendor.”

To me I think the outside looks pretty good. Whether it’s the rich warm light spilling through the windows at night, or the beautiful blue sky reflected during the day, I think this building emits a certain calm yet elegant presence. But I just can’t bring myself to post any of the interior shots. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing, but they really don’t scream luxury to me at all. They don’t even scream nice… Click here, and you be the judge.

Patagonian Hotels, Remote Hotels, Hotels in Chile

The Courtyard during the day

“The courtyard is an open, central space, overlooking mountains and glaciers across the water. The property, which borders the courtyard, is divided into three buildings connected by three wooden corridors. To the sides, one will find the guest rooms, while behind, the raised main building houses common spaces and amenities.” Jaclyn Sienna India, Dwell website

For a hotel that is so promising on the outside, the interior, that is supposed to be the hidden jewel, is a real let down. Still, I would put it on my list of places to see, because of it’s amazing location… and then offer my services as a designer for an interior refurbishment.

Ruta 9 Norte, km. 1.5, Huerto 279, Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile
Tel: (56-2) 3871500

Found via Dwell.

Not sure who to credit for the photographs. Please let me know if you find out!

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