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Outside Dining

Double Bay has long been waiting for a classy watering-hole as an alternative to the Golden Sheaf and this cafe / restaurant / bar is a welcome addition to what was really slim-pickings in sleepy Double Bay. Enter Mrs Sippy. This chilled out venue is a wonderful establishment for all ages. Mid-week dinners you will find 20, 30 and even 60-somethings all sitting back and enjoying a bite to eat or drink. Go on a Friday or Saturday night and it’s more of a 20s – 30s thing, and there’s more drinking than eating to be honest.

More Outside Dining - Note no signage... Just 2 white fluros... Understated or what!

Blink and you might just miss the entry to this now very popular Eastern Suburbs haunt. There was no signage for quite some time, just two fluorescent bars, but I think now they’ve put up some rudimentary guidance. Co-partner Andrew Stanway (other is Ben May) and sister Kate are managing the venue and doing a fabulous job. Kate is the host at Mrs Sippy and will most likely be the gal seating you for dinner.

Looking back to the Entry from the front Dining Area

Whilst this might be a bit of a delayed review, I have been to Mrs Sippy’s on several occasions and have enjoyed myself on most of the time, so I thought this a worthy first food venue review post. The interiors are very paired back and slightly industrial looking. You’ll see bright white walls and ceilings meet timber battens and exposed brick walls. Timber battens come complete with red dipped ends – not sure if they are following a Spice Temple (Neil Perry) thing here, however, they just manage to pull this off, although I wonder if a different colour might have been better?

Front Dining Area looking towards the Kitchen

Rough exposed timber floors add to the industrial feel (and the wobble of high heels on a Friday night – take it from someone who knows..!)

Front Dining Area again - love the brick wall... hope it's authentic!

Kitchen - reminds me a bit of the Beresford Hotel before Merivale took over...

The clean white tiles and green trim in the cafe and kitchen areas remind me of the Beresford Hotel (Surry Hills) and have a slight heritage feel about them.

Courtyard Bar

Now the Courtyard Bar. On a Friday and Saturday night you will find this packed almost to the rafters with the locals and a few stragglers from Bondi. You know the crowd I mean. 20 – 30 with lots of cash and a small but very expensive handbag. Having said that, I prefer it to the Sheaf, which has mostly 20-somethings on the said nights and no expensive handbags – just really, REALLY short skirts! Yikes!

Courtyard Bar

Having said that, mid-week is much calmer and does have a great combination of ages and a really relaxed vibe. Take Mum on a Wednesday night for example and she’ll be delighted that she is somewhere modern and that she can still hear you above the talk and chatter in the restaurant. She’ll also love that the food is delicious and affordable and that you can both go and sit and have a natter in the bar after you’ve finished dinner.

Upstairs Bar - No, the sticks are no a Christmas decoration!!

The Upstairs Bar is usually a bit vacant mid-week, but fills up on the weekends. It has a more post-modern 1950′s feel about it with a bright graphic to the stair wall. The lights are the same industrial style as downstairs, but in a soft grey which helps to make the whole space light and airy. The only things that looks a little odd here are the stick decorations – they remind me of Rudolph’s antlers… (not sure where his nose is though…)

Mrs Sippy is open for morning coffees, lunches, dinner and drinks. Check out their open times and address here (map included on address webpage).

Also check out the SMH review here and another food review by Not Quite Nigella who I think is pretty spot on as far as the food goes. (Note: As this is my first food venue review, I have decided to go heavy on the images and leave the food reviews to people who know what they are talking about).

Summary: Great food, great venue, great price. Avoid on a Friday or Saturday unless you want to pick up a suit (or handbag…!)

All photos by Steve Back.

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GB x

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